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Monday, September 1, 2008


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

La Classic Grand Prix 2006

La Classic Grand Prix 2006 Grand Winner

With Commis Yap Shiau Teng

Goat cheese tart with baby beetroot

Prix Special Main Course Sabarot

Lamb roulade with glaze vegetables, Puy lentils and lamb sauce

Frozen chocolate parfait with candied tomato, caramelized apple and white chocolate sauce

La Classic Culinary Grand Prix 2004

1st Edition October 2004

President Best Starter Award

A study of President cheese – Président Camembert hand roll with fresh rock melon and wasabi mayonnaise. Président Chevretine feta cheese with beet root, orange emulsion and frisee salad

Valrhona Best Dessert Award

Valrhona-guanaja chocolate mousse

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Battle of the Chef Penang 2007

Bronze medal winner for Battle of the Chef Penang 2007

This was the third time i took part in sugar sculpture competition. The theme was The Duel, there were two scorpions on the log(was hollow in shape)) with one broken arm, snails and flowers. The whole sculpture was made from 80% sugar and 20% pastillage (that’s the standard of Pastry World Cup, Lyon, France). The whole sculpture was made using Isomalt (special sugar for sculpture).

We made part by part and put in the boxes and then transport up to Penang. For fine work, we decided to do it in the apartment which we rented during the competiton.

Beside me taking part in this competition, i also brought an apprentice team (consist of 3 students) to take part for the Team hot cooking for apprentice. We managed to get a bronze medal with the most horrible condition for competition (stove not working, sharing oven, some got 6 stoves and some got 4, plastic on the working table, etc.). After the team cooking event, my student was called by the judges for briefing or advise on how to improve more. You know what, i think the judges don’t know what they are tasting and also the things they said. They told my student, “you all used all expensive items doesn’t mean you all can win” (he repeated that statement twice), my student replied him ” are we making any mistakes on the ingredients, matching and cooking styles?” the judges kept quiet. The judges said again “your chocolate was burn thats why it is bitter”, they replied to the judges with an unfriendly manner “we didn’t burn the chocolate, it was bitter because we are using Varlhona chocolate Guanaja 70%”. Judges kept quiet again. Is there a rules that said the students can’t use expensive products? They chose to use it because they know how to use and also appreciate the products rather then people who are just blindly using it without any understanding of the products, not knowing the histories and traditions of the products.